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Overdue for an Appearance

New Features Being Added

It has been about 8 months since the last proper update, and in the mean time, I have been scrambling to get my bearings for how this project will proceed. I have moved to another location, near a community maker space, with the proper tools and resources to further real experiments. This is really a blind affair, but I think I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. More on this coming up.

Earlier this month, I cleared out any bugs I could find and got all the tests cleaned up, running green within 4-5 minutes -- these are rigorous tests. Then I decided to try implementing a nearly-universal feature for a show/hide state. This was just a boolean option for any editable Models, but given the rapidly exploding combinations of possibilies, everything was ground to a halt.

I have been using this homebrew sort of testing framework where the fixture files are automatically written to contain any possible matchup of association and attributes. Then, using a set of iterators and loaders, [nearly] any selection of records can be targeted for tests. The result was a very, very thorough pass at any testing, and for the first few thousand records, everything was reasonably fine. Then this complete bombshell dropped and all the records rampantly mushroomed, with the comments hitting over 65,000 total possibile fixtures. All this -- even without any redundancy in the fixtures -- resulted in a testing time upwards of 4 hours. I tried my best to streamline and increase efficiency, but the database just couldn't handle it. Maybe my vision of perfect sample data for testing just isn't feasable (at least on home computers) in this modern age. Maybe I'm doing something that goes completely against established conventions. Any way, this monstrosity of a test bed has to go.

As I said, there is a new feature for showing/hiding records. This option basically replaces the trashed state for hiding things (and yourself) while making discreet changes. If you hide yourself, you enter a sort of 'incognito mode' (awaiting rebranding) and may make any edits as usual, showing up as 'hidden user' on any of your records in the meantime. If you have any records you don't want other people seeing, simply hide them and they become invisible.

If you need something gone from your own view, there is the trash can. The trash can will now be a place for things moved out of the way and awaiting deletion -- if the time ever comes. You can dig through other peoples trash, or find anything you thought was missing last time on the Blog/wherever. Also possible is the option to trash your own profile. This works like a soft deactivation, with your profile sitting in stasis while you are free to explore the site as usual. However, while your account is deactivated, you won't be able to create or make any changes.
Right now there is a public trash can for profiles, so if you need to hide your deactivated profile, remember that records in the trash can still be hidden.

Next up is a combination facelift and accessibility update preparing for these new experiments


Posted on 2020-02-13.