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Users and Sessions: Redone

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The server got some quality of life improvments last night, in the form of named Sessions and some slight cosmetic tweaks. When logging in, users now have the option to remember their Session, with the added ability to specify a name and save their ip. Also, a logged-in user can save their current Session, or delete their current Session without having to relog. Sessions can be renamed and configured to save or clear saved ip addresses. The end result is a system which not only works better, but is highly managable from any end point. Sessions can be accessed from the profile page.

Also on the Profile page a new avatar and bio section can be found. Both of these additions can be modified when editing your profile, with a direct upload form for the new Avatar file server. Avatars can be any image, including animated gifs, and will eventually be present wherever you see your name thoughout the site. There was a slight problem with juggling two remote storage options for file hosting on ActiveStorage, however. So for now, only either documents or avatars may be present at one time on a page, never both. This supposedly will get addressed in the next Rails update, which is a real shame, because I opted into version 6.0.0rc1 for this patch.

Other than that, all indexed listings got a facelift, with included thumbnails for documents and avatars.

Coming up next is the ability to suggest edits to anything in the Archives. Once that gets done, I can't think of anything else this website needs to be functionally complete. More updates will follow in the form of cosmetic reworks and quality of life improvements.


Posted on 2019-06-07. Last edited on 2019-06-16.

The Overseer wrote:

By the way, the default profile icon is some edited stock image from google I was using during development. When I went back to look for credit, though, I couldn't find the source. So, if this is your design and don't want it on this website, I'll replace it.

Posted on 2019-06-07.