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A Personal Update

The Status of this Project and Its Future

You might notice there haven't been any changes or updates to the website in this past month. Work here hasn't actually stopped, but rather delayed significantly since the Forum went up. There were many reasons for this lapse in progress, the main cause being the introduction of more college classes into my schedule.

Mostly, the environments I'm working in are less than ideal. Most days, I find it hard to follow a conversation or parse text on a screen. The constant distractions around me make the most mundane of tasks an exercise in mental stamina.

The reality is slowly dawning on me that I have somehow gotten dragged into that which is beyond my own comprehension. I have been purposely avoiding getting into the specifics of what 'telepathy' means at the risk of deterring anyone looking for actual scientific substance. So, in respect to those fears, I won't say anything else on the subject.

Anyway, with these exams out of the way, the Archive should go up quickly, and progress can once again resume.


Posted on 2019-05-01. Last edited on 2019-05-18.

The Overseer wrote:

I can see now the formatting here could use some work as well.

Posted on 2019-05-01.